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Have you tried…?

Sometimes I need to cater to the adventurous side in me and find things in Melbourne that are a little bit different to eat. Here are ...


Mission #5: Fishing Charter

I think this is the last of my Whitsundays adventures! I might do one more post on food, but this last adventure was a little ...

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Broadsheet Restaurant

The other weekend, I dropped by Broadsheet Restaurant, with a mere two weeks before it officially closes (and gets demolished to ...

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Red Spice QV Brunch

I have always held Red Spice Road close to my heart, ever since I held a birthday dinner there. And ever since I tasted their pork belly. So I was pretty excited to hear that Red Spice QV (the second branch) now has a Sunday brunch menu. In addition to their great food, I've always enjoyed that they ...

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Eis Japanese Restaurant

The other week, we were lucky enough to be invited to try a unique little Japanese restaurant in Albert Park. We arrived quite early and our host Hiro gave us the table near the heater. As the night went on, more people trickled in for Friday date nights and takeaway. A group of Japanese people ...

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Mission #5: Great Barrier Reef

One of the most popular trips in the Whitsundays that you cannot miss is the cruise to the Great Barrier Reef. We actually ended up going twice because it was automatically in our travel package and we also booked the Reefsleep experience for The Adventouriist's birthday. What you need to know ...

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Japanese Lunch Spots

Japanese is a popular cuisine for lunch. It appeals to a broad audience because it can satisfy your soup cravings, give you a bento box full of variety or provide you a delicious yet healthy meal. Consequently there are heaps of spots in the city and I'm slowly making my way through them. See ...