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Queensland Eateries

My next stop after the Whitsundays, was the Gold Coast but I won't be writing about it. I dropped by the theme parks, which many ...

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Maedaya – Washoku Lovers’ Event

The Adventouriist and I were lucky enough to attend an intimate sake-matching dinner with Miss Runway Foodie, The Hungry Excavator ...

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Have you tried…?

Sometimes I need to cater to the adventurous side in me and find things in Melbourne that are a little bit different to eat. Here are ...


Roxy Kebab

As I was speaking about the Broadsheet Restaurant to my friend and about how I visited to see my American chef friend, he said, "Oh so that's why you went. To be honest, that's not what I read your blog for." Since I've started this blog, it has been a journey of finding what I like to write about. I ...


Mission #5: Fishing Charter

I think this is the last of my Whitsundays adventures! I might do one more post on food, but this last adventure was a little spontaneous, so not many phone photos. Our fifth day of our package was reserved for checking out, but we stayed a bit longer in the area. This meant we had nothing planned ...


Dexter Melbourne

There has long been a bitterness inside me, at the potential of Preston, but the lack of quality eateries. I mean besides the cheap, satisfying Asian meals. I have often felt like areas like High St need something refreshing. My prayers have been answered with Dexter, a new meatery and bar, easily ...

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Broadsheet Restaurant

The other weekend, I dropped by Broadsheet Restaurant, with a mere two weeks before it officially closes (and gets demolished to become apartments on August 2nd). I already knew they use Small Batch Roast for their coffee, my favourite, so it was bound to be love at first sip. Conveniently, I ...